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1 year ago

A great game

Everything from playing video games to playing outdoors and even leaading to computer games. It has all taught us about one thing. And that is the ability to think! I've noticed time and time again that when kids, teenagers or any other person, that once they play computer games or any other form of games. They become very pro-active! And how is that? Is it because they are very amusing? Is it because they are very entertaining? Well, all of those answers are Correct! It is really "right on the money!".

These games are really important to every single one of us. Because, they teach us how to think! Outdoor games, video games and even Computer games. These all teaches us how to think. From trying to figure out a way to defeat this Boss?. And from how can i get this item? They all lead us to one thing! A vast pool of learning. For we can't see the way of accomplishing or even finishing a game without "learning" a few things. That is why the kids of tomorrow should play any games that they would seem amusing. Because it helps them shape up to a kind of person that would be beneficial or a great asset to a great future.

In the fact of playing games, people grow to be quite "abusive" of it. Mostly, teenagers or maybe even children. They take the freedom they got from playing computer games or even video games too far. Which may result to their demise in their choolworks. Which is supposed to be a big "No No!" for parent's. Who would even love to see their children slowly tossing around their will to learn? That is something no parent should ever have to see. A child can learn from them. They just don't have to do them so much. Because tif they do so! They might lose a fractile of their attention span and give it to video games or computer games. That is why as you continue to do play. They must still keep in touch their inner learner so that they might not become what parent's fear them to be. In this case, a lousy bum or even a dropout. No kid should ever be that. That is why games are truly the ups and down bringers to some people. THey keep us up as they are trying to keep us down.

But even so, that is what people would love to say. "A Great Game!"


1 year ago

A life full of Wonders

A great life is all that we people ever wanted. But we somehow feel ditress as we undergo this journey that we like to call "life", right? But I'm here to tell you guys that it doesn't have to be thought of in that particular way. Because the only master of your life is YOU! So, fight back for what you love! It always seems to be something out of a fantasy but if someone puts his/herm ind into it. Anyone can make a diffrence.

Greatness is a great word. It always seems to reach every single one of us at a special moment or point in our lives and no matter what happens during that point. We always find a way to live that moment to the fullest and make teh best out of it and maybe in the end. We'd all find a way to keep that or those precious memories SAFE! Besides, whou wouldn't protect a precious memory like that, right? If it's what we love we would protect as long as we live and breathe in this beautiful pure and green earth.

Wel, my last word for this would be that if anyone of us ever gets or encounters a problem in their lives? I urge them to remember the times when they were at their greatest! Because it's memories like those that helps a person get back up again! And if ever they don't have "memories" like that? I'd want them to think of all the beautiful things that have ever happened to them and maybe even this post. Because it gives them the exact amount or maybe even more courage that they thought they never had. And I will make sure of it. That help will alwas find those person and will forever take them to an awesome roller coaster ride of pure awesomeness soon! For there great fight!


1 year ago

Do Everything You Wish To Do!

People have the habit of not doing or pursuing on what they believe in and it is in that weakness that people miss that once in a lifetime chance. But let me tell you this. The people who think that they can change the world are teh ones that DO!

Doing the things you love make  up who you are. It gives people a certain vibe of who you really are. You see, it is through living through ddifficult events that people manage to awaken from a long slumber of taking it. Now... THe magic of taking tha pain is that you can awaken a surgin WILL that was hidden from your soul and it has always been dying to get out and when the moment finally comes when you?! It is when you would manage to accomplish anything! And by anything I mean anything.

It is through pictures like this. That we all manage to think about what we have been doing in our lives. What we want to be? What we're doing? What we should be doing? THose are the questions that can help a person change. Not for the bad but for the greater good. I only hope that through this little blog of mine,  it would help lots of people. ANd by chance, I would be acknowledged by people around the world. I've always been a caring sort of kid. And this caring part of me is the t ype that would help show people the right way. It's like my caring way is one of the greatest characteristics I could possibly obtain. It's like the apple to my pie. It helps me make decisions that wpould seem in inappropriate at first but as my plan gets to continue that is when it's magic will reveal itself.

I wonder how some people get to overcome their fear of life? WOuld it be to the awesome way of watching videos or movies that has great life-changing advice? Ot an awesome and exciting music that can get a person excited? Either way, those type of activitis are both AWESOME and VERY EFFECTIVE.

Okay... Now the reason behind my blog is because I just felt of helping a person out. Maybe... It's also because I like to support anyone out there if I could. Since, greatness has always been revealed throught the various supports that brew to help it grow.

2 years ago

A Good and Loving Family

What everybody needs is a good hand or shoulder to hold on to when they're in trouble. And who better to act as that hand or shoulder but your family themselves.

We all have a family inthis world. Some of us may not know it but we all are really just a big part of a big and great family out there. A family which is waiting for the right moment to call us all for supper. A family is really one of the greatest things this world has to offer. Even though some don't want a family, they just haven't felt the pain of losing one or not ever having one, so that they may feel the HEART-WARMING warmth of a loving and true family.

A family has many sides. Some families are all related by blood. While there are some who are not related by blood but still live the rest of their lives as family, nevertheless. Many people see the beauty of each individual in this world, but somehow, those people would just forget in the long brink of time. But to your family... That's a whole different story. Since, just when you're about to forget about a certain member of the family, there is that one person that would just bring up an amazing memory about that person. And with that memory brings a lot of other memories, which are very fun and awesome memories about that person that  we all love to remember.A family is really something that no one should ever take lightly of. THere maybe times when a member of a certain family would jsut give up all hopes and abandon everything he/she loved for that family... But what every family must remmeber is that it's a family's job to protect every member from harm bay it be so themselves. And they must always bring that member home, back to where they are loved and where they belong.

To every person out ther and beyond... We all deserve a family that would take care of us and even feed, sleep and protect... But what we all really need is a family that would be there for all of us to the times when we really need them, to the times when we feel we don't need them but actually do.

2 years ago

The greatness of Summer

Now... Summer... What is summer? SUmmer is the time of the year where people can do lots of crazy things that they couldn't do in the past months. It is also what people would refer to us the "hottest point" of the year, wherein, you don't normally feel such intense heat like that often. Now, I know what some of you guys are thinking :) Why is this dude suddenly starting up his blog about "Summer"? Is this dude lonely or something? Or is he just that shareful of his feelings and that he's just starting now since it's his first ever post here. And luckily, I have the oppurtunity to answer that here and now and it is that I'm not lonely :) And the reason why I'm blogging about the summer is because I really love it and it can help change a person. Not in a bad way that can turn him on the dark side or something like that but a change that would make a person see what he has become, well some thing like that. So, in this summer I'm about to become a college student and as soon as that first day comes I will be as serious and prepared as I'll ever be but in the mean time I'll  continue celebrating this summer.

Summer has been a really good thing for us people. It can really make us help think straight since there is no school, no reason for parents to think about about what they're going to spend or what not. But at the same time some parents would be worried on how they're actually gonna pay for the tuition for their kids in the upcomning school year. But I'm here to tell those parents that don't stress yourself out that much and just take a deep breath about that matter because you don't know wanna worry your kid that much or maybe your kids that much. They must be ready to accept the terrors of life. But not in the way of being so angry of what you're gonna do. Instead og being angry think of your options and always thinking about your child or children because whatever may happen to you. They'll always be your light at the  tip of the mountain, they'll always be that white dove that suddenly poppet put of the horizond and they'll always be your heart.

Now another awesome thing about summer is that we all would get to experience "new" things and we'd get to experience this new things probably every summer? But for some they're just that rare enough for them to be extraordinary.

I'm not a pretty good blogger. But I'll tell you this as soon as I get used to this. You'll all want to know who I am and would really love to get to know me. So this is MelYouCanTrust's first blog ^_^